Monday, November 24, 2008


I can only think of 1 maybe 2 TOPS people i know who could listen to a Master P song. After a few videos of master p "ughhhhh'ing" and c-murder "ya heard me'ing" ended up with this video.

here's an equation for the video:

lactation^age=hiQ : translation : yearly intake of lactated milk as you get older will result in a High IQ,

see here:

"To relate the mental development of a child to the child's chronological age the IQ was invented. IQ = (MA/CA) * 100. The intelligence quotient was equal to 100 times the Mental Age divided by the Chronological Age. For example, if a certain child started reading, etc., at the age of 3 (CA) and average children start reading, etc., at the age of 6 (MA), the child would get an IQ score of 200. (Such a score is very, very rare). Since people wanted to also use IQs for adults, that formula was not very useful since raw scores start to level off around the age of 16 (2)."

Basically if you manage to get breast fed till your 18 (secretly), and you and your breast feeding mother/guardian/partner are comfortable (not secretly ashamed of each other either) and none of your friends have suspicions of your creepy behaviour/conversation, then technically speaking you are a genious(of course you will always be a douche for interupting the normal course of nature, and invading what should be your younger siblings turf for a year MAX)))


because why? he's back in town!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

For the average homeboy...

-marketable material
-white men stand up