Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Absolut Vodka

J'ade et trois Tim and Eric from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, team up with Zach Galifianakis to create these challenging commercials.

"3's a treat ;)"

R.I.P. Roc Raida

True NY legend. Grandmaster Roc Raida. One of the best hiphop DJ's to bless the turntables/

"...the best dj's in the world today,
cuttin' up rock the bells, LL Cool J,
and many more, Robbie Swift and he raw,
Roc Raida, #1 chop innovator..."

Taken from

Grand Master Roc Raida: 1972 – 2009 “As one of the Godfathers of Hip Hop, it is a tremendous loss to the Dj community. It’s sometimes rare to meet an individual who was a supertalent, but was so mild mannered and so calm. His skill level was admired worldwide. It was pleasure to see him in action. It was a pleasure to know him. I give my condolences to his family.” – Grandmaster Flash

“My heart is in pain over the passing of a good friend. He’s like a brother to me because he holds the same values I hold when it comes to my family, friends, music and life. He will be missed but not forgotten. I will keep his wife and children in my prayers. Rest in Peace Grand Master Roc Raida!” – GrandWizzard Theodore

“Roc Raida was an innovator on the turntables at a time when we thought the best of the best had been seen. His artistic wizardry seemed so effortless it reminded me of a young GrandWizzard Theodore. His easy going attitude was a pleasure to see in a time where most artists of his caliber were big headed. Salute young general and RIP to our latest Grand Master!” – GrandMaster Caz

“The Lord is forming his band right now. He called home Michael Jackson. But he was missing a DJ that could match the skill level as Michael. So he called upon Grandmaster Roc Raida.” – DJ Scratch

“Since the day I met Raida, he was the most humble, strong willed, genuine, ultimate competitor. The greatest DJ in my book.” – Lord Finesse

“Grand Master Roc Raida was one of the greatest DJs to ever touch a turntable. To guys like myself and Craze who came up right after the monumental generation of X-Men, ISP and Beat Junkies, Raida was the ultimate inspiration as a battle DJ. For those who knew him personally, Raida was also the kindest, more generous and funniest friend we had. He was like a mentor to me, I can’t even count the amount of times he helped me out over the years. I feel like I just lost a big brother. He will be sorely missed.” – DJ A-Trak

"i like your blog"

Well now, so many people have been asking me "ohhh what happened, your not posting anything on your blogspotindiandothellshot & so on" and another popular one "ohhh you are soooo funny blah blah blah" well to ALL those voices that i'd heard in my head i thought i would post at least something to show you i am still here and still living the life of a romanian cabbage farmer.

my man Falcor showed me a video of european artist BLU.... now he has teamed up with COMBO and these two amazing artists work together to give us this adventurous animated 'graffiti/display art clip... enjoy!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I can only think of 1 maybe 2 TOPS people i know who could listen to a Master P song. After a few videos of master p "ughhhhh'ing" and c-murder "ya heard me'ing" ended up with this video.

here's an equation for the video:

lactation^age=hiQ : translation : yearly intake of lactated milk as you get older will result in a High IQ,

see here:

"To relate the mental development of a child to the child's chronological age the IQ was invented. IQ = (MA/CA) * 100. The intelligence quotient was equal to 100 times the Mental Age divided by the Chronological Age. For example, if a certain child started reading, etc., at the age of 3 (CA) and average children start reading, etc., at the age of 6 (MA), the child would get an IQ score of 200. (Such a score is very, very rare). Since people wanted to also use IQs for adults, that formula was not very useful since raw scores start to level off around the age of 16 (2)."

Basically if you manage to get breast fed till your 18 (secretly), and you and your breast feeding mother/guardian/partner are comfortable (not secretly ashamed of each other either) and none of your friends have suspicions of your creepy behaviour/conversation, then technically speaking you are a genious(of course you will always be a douche for interupting the normal course of nature, and invading what should be your younger siblings turf for a year MAX)))


because why? he's back in town!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

For the average homeboy...

-marketable material
-white men stand up

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back on blogs

Not a big blog fan. Nor am I good at writing interesting.

But what i do have is the imagination of a 50 year old wise wolf who once told me, "Keep up the good work" after seeing my first few blog attempts. It was cool but i couldn't handle it, so i'm gonna start again. I will just analyze this photo very quickly if i may. Thankyou.

It is of 2 miniture turtles who are going at it next to about 30 other miniture turtles in a small tank. They are cold blooded reptiles, and they do not know any better. But my point is turtles can get away with....

.... that shit. I mean all the other turtles seem to be having an enormous orgy only turtle meters away from the secret couple. Except i would not like to be the one at the very bottom. U got it bad turtle, try and do a U-turn*. I would definetly buy about TEN of these turtles as they were only $3.5au. but i could not bring them back to AU.

*did i mention i like Usher