Monday, September 8, 2008

Back on blogs

Not a big blog fan. Nor am I good at writing interesting.

But what i do have is the imagination of a 50 year old wise wolf who once told me, "Keep up the good work" after seeing my first few blog attempts. It was cool but i couldn't handle it, so i'm gonna start again. I will just analyze this photo very quickly if i may. Thankyou.

It is of 2 miniture turtles who are going at it next to about 30 other miniture turtles in a small tank. They are cold blooded reptiles, and they do not know any better. But my point is turtles can get away with....

.... that shit. I mean all the other turtles seem to be having an enormous orgy only turtle meters away from the secret couple. Except i would not like to be the one at the very bottom. U got it bad turtle, try and do a U-turn*. I would definetly buy about TEN of these turtles as they were only $3.5au. but i could not bring them back to AU.

*did i mention i like Usher

1 comment:

JLOW said...

i give u 2 thumbs up on ur return my friend